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Percussion. Poetry. Empowerment.

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Strength & Sensitivity is a multimedia concert experience that blends music, poetry, and audience interaction to inspire dialogue exploring themes of gender dynamics, intersectional feminism, and empathy. Art has an immense and unique power to catalyze new pathways of thought and action. Strength & Sensitivity is designed to create opportunities for performers and audiences with diverse perspectives and experiences to share, listen, learn, and progress towards a more gender-equal society.

Each S&S event is unique, shaped by the voices of new performers in each production. The traditional concert model is redefined as each performance features an interdisciplinary, conversation-driven team of artists and activists. Strength & Sensitivity aims to celebrate and highlight artists across gender, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, and disability spectrums.

Visit the Tour page for information about upcoming events, and check out the Archive for details on previous shows.

If you have an idea for a collaboration/project/performance with S&S, or are interested in partnering to bring the show to your town, please write to me on the Contact page — I would love to work together!